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About InternPro

Textile Today Training launches InternPro, an exclusive program for the outgoing bachelor degree students of textile engineering to best utilize of internship period. The InternPro program will provide opportunities to the student to gain professional skills through a substantive learning experience on relative field. InternPro creates this opportunity through organizational form with proper guideline that will help an Intern to be ready to take the existing challenges of the industry.


Why Should You Join?

Job opportunity is limited in the industry, at the same time availability of fresh graduate makes the job market more competitive. So, someone should express himself/herself in extraordinary way than others. Here InternPro can prepare you for that battle.

To be a future industry leader it is necessary to achieve certain practical knowledge. Most of the time, factories do not have much focus for Interns to prepare them. Consequently, who get the internship opportunity, many of them don’t get the real professional exposure.

So Interns need proper guidelines to utilize their internship period effectively, InternPro will provide that opportunity.


What Will You Get?

InternPro will open many doors of opportunity for the students as it is an extensive development program. An Intern also will get below services and opportunities under the program-

  1. Two days Orientation Training on Effective Communication, Factory Etiquette, Value Chain etc.
  2. Organized and effective internship program.
  3. Internship opportunity in resourceful factory.
  4. Proper working environment in the factory under a supervisor from factory.
  5. Weekly one day coaching and Q&A session on the problems which will be arise during internship.
  6. Connectivity in strong professional network.


InternPro Chronology

InternPro will form internship management, under this management Interns will supervised by a Coach, a factory supervisor and a coordinator. The chronology of this program is given below.

Program Duration(8 week) Work Flow
1st week Two days Orientation training
Two days factory orientation
2nd to 7th week Work flow analysis
Practical implementation by intern four days in every week
One day in-house coaching in every week
Reporting and evolution in every week
8th week Final reporting & exam
Final Presentation
Final evaluation

The coordinator of this program will arrange this coordination of Interns, Coach and factory supervisor to make a successful internship. This will also help the factory to get organized internship and create a pipeline of ideal job candidates based on top performers.


Program Duration

8 weeks (320 hours)

  • 2 days orientation program (Basic training)
  • 30 days practical coaching in factories and
  • 8 days classroom coaching


1)      Candidate should be student of B.Sc. in textile engineering

2)      Complete at least 3rd year or equivalent credit

3)      Candidates must be:

  • Proactive
  • Detail-oriented and
  • Humble individuals with a willingness to learn.


Selection of Intern

Intern will be selected through an interview and written test


Have done at least 2 certificate (8 courses) of Textile Today Training



For any query, please contact to +88 01734211085

Email: training@textiletoday.com.bd

Course Fee :

Accumulated Fees: BDT 19,990

  • Textile Today Training Black Belt achiever will avail 20% of total amount
  •  Textile Today Training Certificate achiever will avail 15% of total amount
  • Textile Today subscriber will avail 10% of total amount

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