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Apparel Marketing & Merchandising

Courses: 8 (128 Hours)  Project: 1 (128 Hours) Total Duration: 256 Hours

Course Schedule: Friday-Saturday  Last Date of Registration: TBH

Venue: Classroom(TBI)/Online Virtual

Fees: BDT 57,660/- (Classroom) / BDT 44,000/- (Online Virtual)

Bangladesh is the 2nd largest Garment Exporter in the world. The average monthly export is 220 BDT million. The export is increasing day by day. Textile Industry in Bangladesh is passing through many challenges at different stages. To survive & to achieve regular growth at business, factory owners & entrepreneurs need efficient personnel at every sections of fabric productions. Apparel Marketing is one of the important part where the industry need efficient professionals who will be self-motivated. Besides technical knowledge they need to have idea how to maintain the supply chain properly. They must have to have the knowledge of buyer. Apparel marketing professionals need to analyze the market properly. They should have marketing strategy.

On the other hand, In this regard depth knowledge on Apparel Supply Chain will help an individual, a firm or a country to analyze and identify its core competencies. An individual, a firm or a country can also plan holistically on an industry by locating what to do and what not to do. Clear understanding of the complexities of Apparel Supply Chain would build confidence among the people working in different stages of the supply chain. And this would help the whole sector grow together by maintaining harmony reducing risk.

The objective of this TTT- INNOVATION black belt is to create professionals under the guidance of experience professional who will lead the marketing & merchandising sector towards correct way.

Why should you Join:

1) To gain the complete knowledge of marketing & merchandising procedure in the Textile Industry of Bangladesh

2) Black Belt participant will become confident about the costing, consumption and supply chain management techniques.

3 ) Blackbelt achievers will have clear idea of Branding strategies & marketing policies which will help them to go ahead strongly in his future career.

How to register?

  • Select your 8 desirable courses from FSD & SSD.
  • Select Your INNOVATION Project Experts (Can take help from TTT Coordinator)
  • Get yourself registered.
  • Confirm your payment through Cash/Bank Deposit/bKash/Cheque and share your transaction Id with us.
  • Your registration is done.


How to complete the TTT-Black Belt Course?

  • After completing your registration you will be added to a WhatsApp Group.
  • If you want to join in Classroom training, you will be notified for each 8 individual courses.
  • If you want to join virtual, a link will be shared in the group before the session starts and he link will take you to the virtual classroom.
  • In addition, you will also be tagged with your selected INNOVATION Project Expert and he/she will guide & supervise you to complete your project. You can take help from Textile Today Training for selecting your Expert & Project Factory.


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